Understanding Grout

This 1 hour seminar provides information on the different grout types available and the features, benefits & disadvantages of each of these. It will also cover issues arising with grout & ways to minimise them.


Tuesday, May 19th

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Wednesday, June 10th

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The 4 Key Components of Successful Waterproofing

This 1 hour seminar provides an introduction into the key components of successful waterproofing, through understanding the four areas that need to be met for a successful waterproofing project:

  1. Design & Detailing
  2. Product Selection
  3. Correct Application
  4. Supervision

Thursday, May 21st

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Monday, June 15th

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Floor Preparation For Resilient & Textile Floor Finishes

This 1 hour seminar is intended to give an appreciation towards the issues that can arise with floor preparation for resilient & textile floor finishes. We will discuss issues arising from slab moisture, why the flatness of slab is critical and screed performance in regards to floor preparation. Through this seminar we will address the solutions to overcome these issues.


Tuesday, May 26th

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Wednesday, June 17th

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